A great way to get started with dobi is to look over some examples.

Full Configs

  • dobi - a Golang command line tool (dobi uses itself!). This example demonstrates:
    • dist-img - building a minimal image (that doesn’t contain build dependencies) for distributing an application.
    • building multiple images for different tasks (builder, linter, releaser)
    • watch - watching code for changes and auto-running unit tests and docs-watch for watching docs changes and auto-building the docs.
    • shell (and docs-shell) - getting an interactive shell that contains all the dependencies required to build or test the project.
    • combinding tasks with an alias so they can be run together (test, and all).
  • PyStaticConfiguration - a python library. This example demonstrates:
    • pypiconf - providing secrets to containers by mounting a file
    • release - automating the steps of the release process

Use Cases